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The program extract any of following file types from anywhere. The main thing is to have such files inside :). The working of the program is based on the search file type signature in given file. Then program detect size and other descriptions of found file and extract it to disk. It works from command line. Support the great quantity of file formats:
  • archives: zip, rar, arj, lzh, ace, ha, cab, z, zoo, lim
  • pictures: bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, tif, wmf, emf, png, lbm, pbm, pgm, ppm
  • video: avi, mov, wmv, swf, smk, dat, fli, flc, cel, bik
  • music: mid, cmf, xmi, rmi, mod, stm, s3m, xm, dsm, it
  • sound: wav, voc, mp3, ogg, aif, cda, wma, au, ra
  • documents: htm, pdf, rtf, wri, url, xck, xml, wrl
  • Pascal, C: pas, tpu, tpp, tpw, bgi, chr
  • windows: hlp, ttf, pif, reg, chm, ani, ico
  • others: exe, dll, vxd, elf, pal, dls, vdb, prc, pss
  • containers: ole, rif, iff, asf, rm

    What is it for? With the help of this program you can extract, for example, SWF-file from Flash Projector, archives from self-extract archives etc. With the help of this program the structure of different files may be learnt, file-containers may be unpacked etc. (example: many games have one large file which contains sound and graphics)

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: When can I get new version of this program?
    A: It is impossible in the near future. Unfortunately, sources of last version are lost, because my HDD was broken. Data recovery require $50-60, but I don't have such spare cash.

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